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Trademark Cease and Desist Letter

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Trademark Cease And Desist Letter

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Summary: Occasionally, either through mistake or intentionally, another person or company will infringe on your company's trademark. The process for potentially making a case against the infringing party begins by sending them a trademark cease and desist letter. This letter notifies them of their infringement on your trademark and the law(s) that they are breaking. This trademark cease and desist letter also includes an area for the infringer to sign and remit to you demonstrating that they understood the letter and will comply with your request to cease infringing on your trademark. It also lets them know what actions you will take if you do receive the signed acknowledgement back with a certain time frame.


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Return On Investment: Save approximately 1 to 2 hours of attorney time by downloading and editing this trademark cease and desist letter to meet you specific needs.

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