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Subcontractor Agreement

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Subcontractor Agreement

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Often it is necessary for a contractor or property owner to hire a subcontractor to handle portions of the of a project they are working on. Use this professional subcontractor agreement form to document and establish the scope and parameters of the project, project timeline, and payment arrangement to keep the project on target and avoid legal problems.


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Company Name, Inc.

Subcontractor Agreement 

SUBCONTRACTOR AGREEMENT made as of the ______ day of _______, 20____ by and between (COMPANY NAME) Technologies, Inc. (“(COMPANY NAME)”) and __________________________ (“Subcontractor”).

1.         APPOINTMENT.  Subcontractor hereby agrees to serve as a subcontractor to (COMPANY NAME), and (COMPANY NAME) hereby appoints subcontractor as a subcontractor to perform the specific jobs designated from time to time by (COMPANY NAME), and specifically accepted by Subcontractor (collectively the “job”).  As to each job assigned to and accepted by Subcontractor from (COMPANY NAME) a purchase order and specific work order shall be issued pursuant to this Agreement, which governs the relationship of (COMPANY NAME) and Subcontractor.  The following provisions shall apply to each Job performed by Subcontractor on behalf of (COMPANY NAME).

2.         PAYMENT TERMS.  No payment shall be due by (COMPANY NAME) to Subcontractor until the contracted work is completed.  Completion of work shall be defined as fully performed and properly functioning as determined by (COMPANY NAME) and the final recipient of product and / or service.  Payment will be due to Subcontractor within 37 days from receipt of invoice and customers sign offs. In light of the relationship between the parties, as further set herein below, any fee or other compensation paid by (COMPANY NAME) to Subcontractor hereunder shall be made without withholding for income tax, Social Security contributions, unemployment insurance contributions or other similar deductions (herein collectively referred to as the “Withholdings”).  Any taxes or other withholdings levied now or hereafter by any federal, state or local government shall be for the account of and paid by Subcontractor.

3.         (COMPANY NAME) RESPONSIBILITIES.  (COMPANY NAME) agrees to provide, or be responsible for, the following:

a.         to provide Subcontractor with all written documentation necessary for the Job, in a clear and legible form, which may include floor plans, key plans, special instructions, house terminal locations, main frame drawings, top view drawings of equipment room and (COMPANY NAME) standards and procedures for installation and testing; 

b.         to give Subcontractor the telephone number of the (COMPANY NAME) representative in charge of the Job, who shall be available during normal business hours, Eastern Standard Time, to answer questions and give direction with regard to Job related problems; 

c.         to deliver all system equipment required for the Job within sufficient time to permit Subcontractor to perform the Job in an orderly and timely manner; 

d.         to coordinate all network facilities related to the Job; 

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