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Referral Fee Agreement

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Referral Fee Agreement

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Summary: One of the most popular, cost effective, and easiest way to produce sales is through the use if resellers who are paid a referral fee or residual for each sale or referral they make. This referral agreement, also known as a residual agreement, formally documents your company or organization's referral fee / residual fee arrangements with your resellers quickly and thoroughly.


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Company Name

Reseller / Residual Agreement

This Agreement is entered into as of ____________, by and between __________________("Reseller"), residing at __________________________ and COMPANY NAME, a _____________ Corporation, with a principal place of business located at________________________________


WHEREAS COMPANY NAME is in the business of _______________________________________________________________________________________

WHEREAS COMPANY NAME engages the Reseller, to market COMPANY NAME’s ______________________________________________________________________________________


1.1 COMPANY NAME will provide the Reseller with _________________________________. If the Resellers client opens a merchant account with COMPANY NAME the cost of the software license is $125.00. The Reseller will also receive residuals on merchant accounts that the Reseller has brought to (COMPANY NAME). The residual payment will be a 80% – 20% split based on (COMPANY NAME)’s net profit from the merchant’s credit card transaction activity. 80% for (COMPANY NAME) and 20% for Reseller. The Reseller will continue to receive residual as long as the merchant has their account with (COMPANY NAME) and the Reseller is in good standing with (COMPANY NAME).  

1.2.  Residuals shall be paid by (COMPANY NAME) to Reseller within one and one half

 (1 ½) months after the commissions are earned. Residuals need to total $60 or more before (COMPANY NAME) will send Reseller their residual payment. At the time of each payment, or monthly, (COMPANY NAME) will deliver to Reseller a statement detailing the computation used by (COMPANY NAME) in arriving at the compensation. Reseller will promptly examine all such statements, and will notify (COMPANY NAME) in writing within 2 months of any error. Unless (COMPANY NAME) is notified of an error within 2 months, (COMPANY NAME) shall have no liability to adjust the amount of compensation owed. Commission checks are sent out around the 25th of each month.

1.3. (COMPANY NAME) shall maintain true and complete books of accounting containing an accurate record of all that is necessary for the proper computation of royalties.  The Reseller shall have the right, through an independent public accountant appointed by the Reseller and reasonably acceptable to (COMPANY NAME), to examine such books at reasonable times, but not more than twice per calendar year, for the purposes of verifying the amount of royalties due the Reseller. The Reseller shall

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