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Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Purchase and Sale Agreement       File Type: Word      Price: $9.99        


Summary: A Real Estate Purchase Agreement is generally defined as an agreement documenting the purchase and sale of real estate or other real property between a Buyer and Seller in which a seller agrees to sell and a buyer agrees to buy, under certain specific terms and conditions the real estate described in the agreement. The Buyer and Seller confirm the legality of the purchase and sale agreement by signing the agreement, at which point the document becomes a legal binding contract; creating an obligation by both the Seller and Buyer to meet the terms as outlined in the agreement.


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1.      PARTIES

This ______day of ___________________.

hereinafter called the SELLER, agrees to SELL and hereinafter called the BUYER or PURCHASER, agrees to BUY, upon the terms hereinafter set forth, the following described premises:

2.         DESCRIPTION

The land with the buildings thereon known as  _________________________________________, said parcel being more particularly described by a Deed recorded with the Registry of Deeds at Book ___________Page _____. 


          Included in the sale as a part of said premises are the buildings, structures, and improvements now thereon, and the fixtures belonging to the SELLER and used in connection therewith including, if any, all wall-to-wall carpeting, drapery rods, automatic garage door openers, Venetian blinds, window shades, screens, screen doors, storm windows and doors, awnings, shutters, furnaces, heaters, heating equipment, stoves, ranges, oil and gas burners and fixtures appurtenant thereto, hot water heaters, plumbing and bathroom fixtures, garbage disposers, electric and other lighting fixtures, mantels, outside television antennas, fences, gates, trees, shrubs, plants, and, ONLY IF BUILT IN, Refrigerators, air conditions equipment, ventilators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers; but excluding:  

4.         TITLE DEED

            Said premises are to be conveyed by a good and sufficient quitclaim deed running to the BUYER, or to the nominee designated by the BUYER by written notice to the SELLER at least seven (7) days before the deed is to be delivered as herein provided, and said deed shall convey a good and clear record and marketable title thereto, free from encumbrances, except

(a)        Provisions of existing building and zoning laws:

(b)        Existing rights and obligations in party walls which are not the subject of written agreement:

(c)        Such taxes for the then current year as are not due and payable on the date of the delivery of such deed;


(d)        Any liens for municipal betterments assessed after the date of this agreement;


(e)        Easements, restrictions and reservations of record, if any, so long as the same do not interfere with the current use of said premises as a single family dwelling;


5.         PLANS


            If said deed refers to a plan necessary to be recorded therewith the SELLER shall deliver

such plan with the deed in for adequate for recording or registration.



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