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Letter of Intent

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Letter of Intent

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Summary: This letter of intent is a great multi-purpose, general document that may be used for any business or other arrangement involving two or more parties that intend on taking some particular action, intend to provide services, intend to provide goods, intend to purchase product, etc. Very customizable for your specific needs. This letter of intent is very thorough and contains all of the necessary provisions and language for a proper, professional document.

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Dear ____________


This Letter of Intent is made on __(Date)____, between Company/Person/Entity, of   address and  Company/Person/Entity, of  address .

This letter serves to formalize our intent to negotiate in good faith for [explain relationship intended] under the following terms and guidelines:

I. Binding Nature

This letter is not intended to be and will not create any legal binding obligation on anyone or any entity, except as specifically set out in Section B below. This entire transaction is subject to the negotiation and execution of a separate legal agreement as reasonably required by our lawyers (the Definitive Agreement), to be negotiated following execution of this letter of intent and executed on closing.  The Definitive Agreement would contain additional terms and conditions which are appropriate for a transaction of this kind, including, but not limited to, representations and warranties, provisions concerning notice, force majeure, indemnification, liability, confidentiality, choice of law, termination, and other similar provisions. 

Part A. Business Terms

As set out under Section I above, the provisions of this Part A shall not be legally binding upon either party, and are presented as a good faith expression of intent only.  This is a contract as to the conduct of the good faith negotiations and the issues, upon which the parties will, in good faith, endeavor to negotiate and prepare the Definitive Agreement. 


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