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Letter Of Intent To Lease Real Estate

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letter of intent to lease real estate 

Letter of Intent To Lease Real Estate

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Summary: Whenever commercial property is concerned, it is important the the landlord and prospective tenant are on the same page prior to the execution of a lease agreement. This letter of intent to lease real estate is perfect for any type of commercial real estate including retail, office space, etc. and is easily modifiable for use with residential real estate. Included in this letter of intent are the necessary clauses to formalize an intent to lease including: property description, rent amount, duration of lease, permitted uses, alterations and and leasehold improvements, etc.


Great to use with our Commercial Space Lease Agreement below. (See other letters of intent below)


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This is only a portion of the complete letter of intent. This "preview" of the letter of intent is intended to give you a preview prior to purchase and download.     Return To Top Of Page             Add To Cart      

Sample Partial Preview

On Lessor Letterhead


Potential Leasee Name



Letter of Intent to Enter into Commercial Lease Negotiations for:

 [name/ location of property]

Dear Prospective Tenant:

This non binding Letter of Intent (LOI) outlines the terms on which the [landlord company name here] (Landlord) would be willing to pursue further lease negotiations for a lease with  ___________________ (Tenant) in [name or location of property here], [City Name Here], [County Name Here], [State Name Here]. The following terms and conditions will serve as an outline of the proposed lease agreement and as the basis for preparation and negotiation of a final lease agreement acceptable to both parties.


Landlord Name

Landlord Address

City, State, Zip






The leased commercial real estate (the Premises) consists of an agreed area of approximately ___________rentable square feet within the [name or location of property here, ________ State, Suite __________. Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a current Site Map of the Premises.


The Lease shall be effective as of the date of execution (the Effective Date).


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