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Hunting Lease Agreement

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hunting lease agreement 

Hunting Lease Agreement

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Summary: The purpose of a Hunting Lease Agreement is to make hunting lease arrangements easier and less troublesome for landowner's wishing to lease some or all of their land for the purposes of hunting. This Hunting Lease formalizes the guidelines for both the landowner and hunter to protect the interests of both parties. Use this hunting lease agreement for all of your hunting lease needs.


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          Hunting Lease Agreement         



Landlord's Address:


Tenant's Address:

Premises: SURFACE ONLY of approximately [number] acres of land, situated in [county] County, (State), as described in Exhibit [exhibit number/letter].

Base Rent:

Term (months):

Commencement Date:

Termination Date:

Use: Solely for hunting [specify].

Amount of Liability Insurance

Death/bodily injury:



Rent means Base Rent plus any other amounts of money due Landlord by Tenant.

Landlord means Landlord and its agents, employees, invitees, licensees, or visitors.

Tenant means Tenant and its agents, employees, invitees, licensees, or visitors.

Clauses and Covenants

A.        Tenant agrees to:

1.         Lease the Premises for the entire Term beginning on the Commencement Date and ending on the Termination Date, subject to Landlord's right to permit grazing or farming as provided below.

2.         Accept the Premises in their present condition AS IS the Premises being currently suitable for Tenant's intended Use.

3.         Obey all laws, ordinances, orders, and rules and regulations, including those of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the United States Department of Interior, and keep all records applicable to the use, condition, and occupancy of the Premises.

4.         Pay, in advance, Base Rent to Landlord at Landlord's Address.

5.         Pay, as additional Rent, all other amounts due under this lease.

6.         Pay for all utility services used by Tenant.

7.         Pay all taxes on Tenant's personal property located on the Premises.

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