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Convertible Promissory Notes and Warrants Detail

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Convertible Promissory Notes and Warrants Detail

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Summary: As part of raising capital, companies often raise money in the form of convertible promissory notes, which should be tracked on a convertible notes and warrants detail. Convertible promissory notes give one or both parties to the Note the option of converting all or part of the principal and/or interest on a promissory note into shares of the companies stock; usually at a certain time or after a certain event. In order to entice the lender further, companies will often grant warrants, or warrant coverage, to the lender. The warrants represent a right purchase shares of the company's stock at a certain price. This convertible notes and warrants detail does a great job of tracking all convertible notes, with or without warrant coverage, so that you can easily report company equity on a fully-diluted basis. The interest expense, accrued interest, and value of warrants based on the Black-Sholes formula in included in this convertible notes and warrants detail and are calculated as well for accurate accounting reporting (GAAP). 

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Time Savings:

Save 5 to 7 hours by downloading and using this convertible notes and warrants detail from All of the formulas are ready to make the appropriate calculations once your data is entered.

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